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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hide and Seek :)

Nope, I am not talking about the Robert De Niro movie, though I thought the movie was really good and he and Dakota Fanning were awesome in it :-D I just saw a beautiful sight the other day, which inspired me into penning a poem which's not usually my style. My poems are usually what I feel, how I feel and why. But this time, its nothing like it :) I saw the setting sun, peeping behind from a cloud and one of the paras of the poem just rushed into me :) Though I actually couldn't capture the image as a photo, I can recollect the sight as if its before me now :) I really wish I could have taken a snap :( BTW the photo below is a different one, taken at a different time, but I felt it suited the mood of the poem somehow....

Hide and Seek

The Sun said to all around
"Lets play hide and seek.
I'll hide, you all seek. Now,
close your eyes and don't peek."

The Birds and the Wind agreed,
the Trees tried to comprehend.
They all closed their eyes
and waited for the count to end.

"Please hide me behind you",
said the Sun to the Cloud.
"Ok, that's fine", the Cloud said
"But don't speak, oh, so loud."

"The Wind is looking for you
So are all the Trees and Birds.
They'll surely know you are here
if they listen to your words."

So the Sun hid very quietly,
didn't utter a single sound.
Grinned wickedly at all those
who were searching around.

Then the Birds had an idea
"Cloud must have hidden the Sun"
The Wind went off to see the Cloud,
saying, "Looks like we have won!"

The Cloud said "No, I don't know!"
The Wind tried to push and push
Cloud cried "Ouch that hurts!!"
Sun said "Oh please hush! Hush"

"Aha, there you are", said all.
"You got me this time" said the Sun.
The Cloud ran away crying
"I don't want to speak to anyone!"

They all still play hide and seek
every now and then and again.
It usually ends up with Cloud sulking
and crying tears drops of rain..


Ms. V retorted...

A very cute poem on a very cute topic :)

Deeps retorted...

Thanks Vids, coming from a poet herself, its a great compliment :)

Amit retorted...

Man that was awesome....While reading this poem I felt such a good sensation in my whole body which normally comes when I m deeply into something.

I must say Mrs Poet that your poems are amazingly beautiful. Try and write more frequently. :-)

Deeps retorted...

oh wow :) Thanks Amit :) Didn't know the poem was that impressive :-D

geethamh retorted...

simply beautiful poem ! how can you write all these thigs?


geethamh retorted...

i mean how it is possible to write such nice immaginations!

Deeps retorted...

Just think of a situation, come up with rhyming words and then put it all together :-D Simple, isn't it mom? hehehehe :))