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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Holler on a roller :-D

Had been to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville last weekend i.e on 18th June 2005. Since it has become my habit to log these kind of adventures (or should I say misadventures :-D) in detail, I am putting up photos with lots of descriptions here :) Click on the various links scattered here and there to be taken to the rides listed in the official site of Six Flags :)

We reached the park by about 11 AM, due to some wrong directions taken (we actually landed in another state Indiana!! Louisville in Kentucky is separated from Indiana by only a bridge, and wow, what a bridge!! ;-) ).

Our first ride was the Hellevator :) While we were standing in the queue for the same, Sri pretended to have forgotten the handicam battery and fooled me nicely :-p He also got a couple of playful beatings from me for the same ;-) After a wait of 45 min, we finally sat on the ride. The Hellevator can seat about 20 people in one go. What it does is simple, brings your heart to your mouth :-D Actually what it does is, it goes up slowly till the top for about 180 feet and after reaching the top, drops suddenly. Stops suddenly very near to the ground. Man!! It was totally scary but lots and lots of fun. Definitely would like to go on it again though my hand was shaking when I took this photo :)

Ever since I remember I've been wanting to sit on one of the really big roller coasters. The ones with lots of slides, loops and twists. Imagine my shock when I get on the first of my really big roller-coasters, and its not sitting, but standing!! :-D I'm not complaining :) Chang is one of world's first (am not sure if its the only one) stand-up roller coasters. The photos I took were directly under the sun, for better ones, check out the link above :)

The 2 min ride was awesome. The first slide is breathtaking (literally so, I held my breath throughout the slide :-D) Chang has about 3 loops, 2 twists and lots of slides. After we completed the ride, my head was reeling and I was swaying from side to side :)

Immediately after Chang, we headed towards T2. T2 stands for T-square i.e Terror to the second power :-o It is the first suspended looping roller-coaster in the United States. Suspended means the track is above you and you are sitting in a bucket seat hanging on to the track!! This is especially fun when there's a loop (check out the T2 link above to know what I mean) . You will be sorta riding on your head :-D

By the time we finished these 3 rides, it was 2 PM in the noon! The wait time for each was so much!! We decided we had had enough of the rollercoasters. Moreover, we had to have lunch too. Neither of us wanted the lunch out of our mouths in a hurry (sitting on a roller coaster after lunch meant anything could happen ;-) ). We went into one of the numerous restaurants and had pizza. The pizza with tomatoes and cheese was really good (or I was reallllllly hungry :-D).

After lunch we decided to go to the water park and relax. God, if only we knew!! After changing into swimming gear and storing all our stuff in lockers, we strolled towards an attraction called Tornado. It was advertised majorly on the internet, so we wanted to see it. God!!

We had to drag a rubber floating tube all the way up (don't worry it wasn't very heavy). Once you reach the top, you are supposed to put the float into water, sit on it, slide through a water slide and are launched into a funnel which is called the tornado. Wooooohooooooo!! The sliding was way better than any roller coaster (no belts, if the float overturns, then its you, water and the tornado :-p) :-D Thankfully for us, the float didn't overturn, but water splashed all over us and we both were laughing all the way. It was totally coooooool (in fact, COLLLDDDDD)!!!

Still laughing, we walked towards vanishing falls, a body slide. After a climb with a wait of more than 30 min, we reached the top. Body slide means in simple terms 'no float to sit on' :-D Its your body, the slide and water. The slide twists and turns and drops you into a swimming pool. Its like a jaarobande in the parks, only really big and filled with water :)) Fun, fun and more fun!! The major fun is when you drop into water, you really don't know when and where the slide ends, so you are splashed into water very unexpectedly :)

After the slide, we enjoyed a small cruise. Its just you lying on a rubber float and the current slowly takes you on a soft, soothing, wonderful cruise. But beware, the water also has surprise water volcanoes, which bursts under you and waterfalls here and there :) Climbing onto the rubber float was a bit tough for me as the float slid from under me and I was dunked into water twice :)) Finally I somehow managed to climb onto it and the rest of the sailing was smooth ;-) We actually went back for another round :)

Later we went into the Hurricane Bay Wave pool, which is a normal swimming pool. But every 15 min or so, a bell rings announcing the arrival of WAVES!! Waves are generated artificially. The pool is like the sea, only you don't get salt water in your mouth. The waves are hugggggggggge and we both had so much fun jumping over each and every wave. The best part is when the bell rings, people all around just run towards the pool to enjoy the waves. We jumped over 3 rounds of waves and had the most amazing time.

We also went into a water tree house (what a term!!) where you can climb a house and it has water pouring and sliding everywhere. It also has 1000-gallon bucket which keeps getting filled. Once its completely filled, it overturns and throws water on anybody below :-D Later returns back to its filling. Standing under the bucket is like standing under a hugggge waterfall :))

It was evening 7 PM when we finally gave up and decided to go back home. We had slight aches and pains from the various rides but we had smiles on our faces.

But you know what? I had always imagined roller coasters to be a great thrill, and they truly were! But once you are done with one, you know that they are not very scary anymore. The many loops, twists and slides are okay, you can handle them. The free falls are the only place you are actually scared and your breath gets stuck. Or maybe the problem with us was that we had already done bungee and that fall was truly biggggggggg compared to any of these small thrills. Anyways the day was perfect and we were totally tired from a day of absolute enjoyment :) Headed home in bliss :)


Sriram retorted...

Sometimes I wish I did a roller-coaster on the moon :: (Heck, what a wish!!!!)

Deeps retorted...

If wishes were horses....