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Friday, August 28, 2009


Snugli has this habit of walking backwards blindly and falling into the laps of anyone who's sitting in her path. Yesterday this habit of hers literally gave me a shock. We were in the laundry room and I was transferring washed clothes from the washer into the drier. Now the laundry room is in the upper floor directly facing the staircase. She was blocking the door of the drier, so I asked her to move back a bit. The rest you can guess :-p. She started walking backwards directly towards the staircase. The moment literally freezed and my heart stopped. I jumped and caught hold of her right at the moment where her next step would have hurled her downwards in the staircase. Thank God! My heart was beating so fast and I almost felt like crying. The whole episode served as yet another reminder to why I don't take my eyes off her anytime she is near the stairs. Even now, thinking of that, I feel a chill going through me. That was one of the scariest moments of my life..

No wonder they call her category of age - the terrible twos!


Sid retorted...

Scary stuff! Maybe you could put one of those door-stoppers at the entrance to the stairs.
I remember my mom had that done for me and bro when we were kids. So we used to bawl standing there and beating the crap out of the thin wooden plank. But it stood the test of time :)

Sweet Nothings retorted...

Man..I totally feel you. That's one of my worst fears too.Make sure you have a gate installed me it gives you a great peace of mind.I know how these terrible twos sound"-:)

Deeps retorted...
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Deeps retorted...

Guys, Snugli is alright when she faces the stairs. She carefully gets down step by step. I have a gate and we didn't install it, since we didn't want to slow her progress down. Even now, I don't think I'm going to install it, but more like try to make her aware of her surroundings ;-).

Vanditha retorted...

The incident was indeed scary. And I agree with you on making her 'aware' of things around her.